Christian Zionism in Balance

All movements and schools of theology have those in their ranks with more extreme views than the majority. Christian Zionism is no exception. Unfortunately, the views of a very small minority of Christian Zionists are often used by Israel's Christian enemies to distort the truth about the entire movement -- and to propagate claims that are either clearly unfounded or grossly exaggerated.

Christian Zionism is Biblical Zionism, firmly rooted in the whole Bible. Centuries of Christian leaders and theologians have ascribed to this movement, going back to the early Church.

In contrast, anti-Israel Christian circles often teach heretical beliefs, such as Palestinian Liberation Theology, Palestinian Christianity, and wholesale disregard for large portions of the Old Testament. These Christian leaders are often guilty of the sin of anti-Semitism -- and choose to align with radical Islamists, instead of God's chosen people, the Nation of Israel.

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