For more than 3,000 years, the Land of Israel has been the beating heart of the Jewish faith. The values that underlie modern civilization emerged from its soil. Since Israel was reestablished as a modern state in 1948, it has served as a beacon of justice and democracy, an engine of innovation, and a critical ally for free nations.

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An Everlasting Covenant

The Jewish people's sacred connection to the Land of Israel has remained unbroken since God bequeathed it to them in his covenant with Abraham. Despite many expulsions and millennia of persecution, Jews have maintained a continuous presence in the land - and their eternal capital, Jerusalem.

A Beacon of Justice and Democracy

The State of Israel is the Middle East's only democracy, providing the full rights of citizenship for people of all cultures and faiths. Israeli law protects the free exercise of religion - and ensures that all faiths have unimpeded access to its many holy sites. The country is home to a lively free press, vibrant civil society, and independent judicial system. Like all Western democracies, Israel struggles to ensure socio-economic equality for all of its minority populations. However, Jews and Arabs; Christians and Muslims; and men and women all participate in public life, contributing to the rich tapestry of Israeli culture.

An Engine of Innovation

In just over seven decades, Israel has transitioned from a developing nation to a "startup nation" with one of the most advanced, technology-driven economies in the world. Israel is on the cutting edge in science, medicine, high-tech, and agriculture. As a leader in disaster relief and international development, the Jewish State continues to change lives in all corners of the globe - from aiding earthquake victims in Haiti to bringing agricultural technology to Africa.

Fighting Delegitimization

Since its founding more than 70 years ago, the State of Israel has not known one day of peace. Israel's enemies have sought to use all available means to destroy and demoralize it: from military invasions to terrorism to economic and cultural boycotts. The Jewish State now faces a new and growing threat. A global campaign of delegitimization tries to demonize Israelis, deny its government the right to defend its citizens, and subject the country to a double-standard not applied to any other state.