Open Letter to the Edinburgh University Students' Association

by Dr Denis MacEoin
No one holds meetings to call for reform in Islamic states. Instead, people like yourselves pass resolutions condemning the only country that defends those rights for all its citizens and visitors.   If your government in Scotland or the UK banned books, imprisoned journalists, censored films, or...

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Israel discretely increases number of entry permits for Gaza workers

by Shlomi Eldar

Under cover of political and other events, without any fanfare or official announcements, Israel has coordinated with Hamas to increase the number of entry permits granted to Palestinians in Gaza. The additional 2,000 permits appear to be meant for Palestinian laborers, under the guise of “...

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Why More Embassies are not Moving to Jerusalem

by David Parsons, ICEJ Vice President & Senior Spokesman

In mid-May, we reached the one-year anniversary of the United States opening its embassy in Jerusalem. Many Israelis and their friends worldwide found the occasion worth celebrating. US President Donald Trump certainly made an historic and courageous decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s...

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Reasons Why Peaceful Resolutions for the Arab-Israeli Conflict Always Fail

by Tawfik Hamid
The cause of the problem is NOT the land. After the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, several Arab nations were created by fiat. The Arab world accepted this without any problem, as these were Muslim-majority countries. Rejecting the state of Israel was related to the fact that it is a Jewish rather...

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Why Palestinians Do Not Trust Their Leaders

by Khaled Abu Toameh
Evidently, Palestinian leaders do not grasp that the Palestinian public cares a great deal more about being treated like human beings by their own leaders than about anti-Israel and anti-US rhetoric. This incitement is Palestinian leaders' way of distracting attention from problems at home. They...

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The Biblical Case for Support of Israel

by Susan Michael, USA Director, International Christian Embassy Jerusalem


Personal – Millions of Christians have visited Israel and its holy sites, and seen their Bible come alive in profoundly life-transforming ways. It only stands to reason that these pilgrims return home with an excitement about Israel and deep appreciation for the...

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Study: Over 80 Percent of Young European Jews Believe Antisemitism Is an Increasing Problem in Their Countries, Four in Ten Have Considered Emigration

by Benjamin Kerstein

A new study released Thursday indicates that among young Jewish Europeans, an overwhelming majority believe antisemitism is a problem in their countries and is getting worse, causing four in ten to consider emigration.

The study, entitled Young Jewish Europeans: Perceptions and...

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BDS ‘Anti-Normalization’ Is a Mockery of Progressive Values

by Miriam F. Elman, Executive Director of the Academic Engagement Network

Anti-Israel BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) promoters have long tried to stake out the moral high ground — depicting themselves as the champions of the oppressed, and positioning their movement as being on the right side of history.

But the reality is that BDS rarely acknowledges...

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Why Is the Aliyah of the Ethiopian Jews Critical?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

The origin of the Ethiopian Jews is a bit of a mystery. Most agree they are descendants of Israelites who migrated to the area at one time or another. 

One theory allows for migrants as early as Moses’ time when the Israelites were in nearby Egypt. Another possibility is that the...

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Persecution of Christians in the PA Administration

by ICEJ News writers
Interview with Dr. Edy Cohen of Bar Ilan University

Dr. Edy Cohen was born in Lebanon and is currently a researcher at Bar Ilan University, specializing in Middle East affairs and Arabic media. He recently published a paper on the persecution suffered by Christians in the Palestinian Authority...

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