Menachem Begins Bond With Christian Zionists

Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin was the first president to openly welcome Christian Zionist support of Israel. Commemorating the 100th year of his birth, the Menachem Begin Heritage Center together with the International Christian Embassy of Jerusalem (ICEJ) have put together an evening which focuses on this unique relationship that Begin began, and has continued until today.

Begin’s relationship with Christian Zionists was one of deep respect and longevity. Timothy King, one of the founding directors of ICEJ, ran the first Feast of Tabernacles event in Jerusalem in 1980. Begin attended and addressed the feast in 1981, which was his first public embrace of Christian Zionism. During the address he expressed thanks to Christian Zionists around the world for their support of Israel.

The Begin Center approached David Parsons, Media Director of the ICEJ, a number of times over the years in an effort to partner together and create programming. The event, which took place on Wednesday, is the culmination of those efforts.

Parsons said that Begin started a movement among Israeli Prime Ministers and Jerusalem Mayors, many of whom now come to make important addresses to the Christian world at the ICEJ.

Raphael Poch
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014