The Dangers of Deception

The great battle facing the Christian church today is the one that has to do with truth; the truth of God’s word. Paul warned that the latter day church would give in to error and compromise and what he called “doctrines of demons”. (1Timothy 4:1) This in turn will attract the unseen and unrecognized judgment of God in that He will confirm them in their error by sending them what scripture calls a “strong delusion.” The present assault against the believing church in this regard is by those who are peddling the errors of Dominion Theology, Replacement Theology and Fulfillment Theology; all of which disinvest the Jewish people of a future in the land of Canaan meaning in turn that their modern day restoration to the Holy Land holds no biblical significance and indeed is a travesty of justice and righteousness and must therefore be reversed. Every smear possible and available, including the apartheid one, is thus employed to delegitimize Israel and discredit those Christians who stand with her. In addition an international campaign to encourage economic boycotts, sanctions against Israel and disinvestment from Israel is also aided and abetted by many of these Christians.

Malcolm Hedding
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Monday, April 7, 2014