Christian Zionism's Theology of Land

Christian Zionism II: Is It Bad Theology?

From Patheos

By Gerald R. McDermott

Part 2 in a 3-part series on Christian Zionism that also includes Christian Zionism I: Where Did It Come From? and Christian Zionism III: Is It Unethical?

It is no wonder that so many have fought for so long over this little strip of land. Four thousand years ago people recognized its beauty and fertility: in the 20th century B.C. an Egyptian courtier who lived in Canaan wrote, “It was a good land, called Yaa. Figs were in it and grapes. It had more wine than water. Abundant was its honey, plentiful its oil. All kinds of fruit were on its trees. Barley was there and enmer, and no end of cattle of all kinds.” Its variety of climate adds to its appeal: within one hundred miles (from Jericho to Mt. Hermon) one can move from the sub-tropical to the sub-arctic. Its land forms and living conditions are almost as varied.

Gerald McDermott
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Tuesday, February 4, 2014