American Support for Israel

A Complicated Matter?

From the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem

By Susan Michael

A retired Army General and former high ranking official in the Obama Administration, recently spoke at a well-known American university.  During the questions following his remarks he was asked by a student why “25% of US Foreign Aid goes to Israel.” The General stumbled around and gave no real answer other than “it’s complicated.”

What he did not say was that the premise of the question was wrong to start with because the percentage of US Foreign Aid to Israel is nowhere near 25%­.

He also failed to list the numerous reasons that America’s financial assistance to Israel is important not only to Israel, but to the USA. As a result of his lack of response, the students left the auditorium thinking that 25% of US Foreign Aid goes to Israel and that there is no good explanation for it.

Whether the General’s less than positive response was deliberate or not, this exchange is a perfect example of the effect of misinformation. One student in attendance was deeply troubled by the exchange and the reality that he, too, did not know how to adequately answer the question. He immediately began preparing himself to be able to explain the importance of American support for Israel in the future.

Susan Michael, ICEJ-USA Director
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Wednesday, January 8, 2014