First Muslim Women in US Congress Misled Voters About Views on Israel

by Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute.

"Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel." — Ilhan Omar, in a tweet, November 2012.

"When a politician singles out Jewish allies as 'evil,' but ignores every brutal theocratic regime in the area, it's certainly...

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Why is Gaza such a problem?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

The Gaza Strip is a small piece of land along the Mediterranean coast just north of the Sinai Peninsula. It is roughly 141 square miles and has 1.8 million Palestinian inhabitants who are ethnically Arab; a majority are Sunni Muslim. While historically Gaza was a sleepy outpost of much larger...

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It’s time I break my silence


Next week, Harvard University will be hosting the Israeli organization, Breaking the Silence, an organization funded by anti-Israel groups that incites against the State of Israel and defames the IDF. BTS members speak out against the IDF; they “testify” as former soldiers, but they do not tell...

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Israeli help is on the way to Hurricane Michael victims

by By ISRAEL21c Staff

Israeli help is on the way to Hurricane Michael victims
Humanitarian organization IsraAID is sending volunteers to northwest Florida; teams...

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How Have the Jewish People Survived Against All Odds?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

One cannot help but notice when reading the Bible that most of the people groups mentioned no longer exist. Even the major empires such as the Assyrian, Babylonian, Persian, and Roman Empires have passed from history. But, this tiny little people group—the Jewish people, numbering no more than...

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What Sets Israel Apart From Other Nations?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

Israel, a nation as small as the state of New Jersey, occupies center stage of the world’s attention. While vilified by some circles, the Jewish State is also admired by many for a story that is unique from that of all other nations. Having defied the odds against the survival of this tiny...

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How Should Christians Respond to Israel’s Calling?

by Rev. Malcolm Hedding, ICEJ International Spokesman

In Romans 9:11, the apostle Paul deals extensively with the gentile Christian’s response to Israel. While the passage has been debated by the best theological minds through the centuries, Paul still exhorts us to accept certain clear facts. Sadly, the failure of the church historically to do...

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Was Moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem the Right Thing to do?

by Daryl Hedding

Much of the world disagreed with President Trump’s decision to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Israel’s capital, Jerusalem. In the face of such overwhelming opposition, it’s worth dissecting the arguments used to figure out who’s right in this debate.


From a purely US...

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by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

It is important to define Christian Zionism because of the confusion and controversy surrounding it. To do so, however, we must first discuss what Zionism is and the difference between the usage of the term “Christian Zionist” and “Christian Zionism.”


The term Zionism today is...

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Visitors Favor Israel 

Tourists and business leaders alike flock to Israel. GLOBES, Israel’s financial daily, reports that pilgrimages, tours, vacations, and leisure bring the highest numbers of travelers, but due to Israel’s innovative climate, 11 percent of visitors come for business reasons....

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