The uphill battle over returning to Jerusalem

by David Parsons, ICEJ VP & Senior Spokesperson

Will the Trump administration do good on its early promise to move the US embassy to Jerusalem? And if so, what effect would it have on...

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by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

Western Wall IsraelJERUSALEM­—it’s a name which stirs a wide spectrum of emotions and a quagmire of international disagreement. Here are several...

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The Truth about Israeli Settlements

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director
Settlements are not the Major Obstacle to Peace

While settlements can be a source of conflict, they are not the major obstacle to peace. From 1948-1967 no Israeli settlements existed, yet the Palestinian leadership and the Arab World still sought Israel's annihilation.


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Debunking 11 More False Assumptions Regarding Israel

by Amb. Alan Baker

Further to the recent publication of “Ten False Assumptions Regarding Israel,” which addressed many of the widely-held and universally-disseminated false and mistaken assumptions regarding Israel, a number of additional false assumptions – some even more willful and malicious – are addressed....

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Why hasn't there been peace in the Middle East?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

Since its establishment in 1948, Israel has fought in seven wars, been confronted with Palestinian intifadas, and suffered...

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Why the sudden hatred of Israel?

by Victor David Hanson

The Jewish state is a stand-in for Jews in a revival of anti-Semitism

Secretary of State John Kerry, echoing other policymakers in the Obama administration, blasted Israel last week in a 70-minute rant about its supposedly self-destructive policies.

Why does the world — including...

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PM Netanyahu delivers annual Christmas Greeting at International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem

by David Parsons, ICEJ Spokesperson

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu paid a visit to the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem on Wednesday (December 21) to deliver his...

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What does the Bible say about Israel?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director
Millions of Christians support Israel. You don’t have to be a biblical scholar to understand why.

The biblical basis for Christian support of Israel (known as Christian Zionism or Biblical Zionism) is found in the Abrahamic Covenant from the book of Genesis. This sacred covenant is confirmed...

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Will Trump Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

The United Nations Educational, Science, and Cultural Committee (UNESCO) recently attempted to deny the historical and biblical connection of the Jewish people to...

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What can YOU do to support Israel?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

For Americans, it can often feel like there is little we can do to support Israel in its struggle for survival. While Israel’s soldiers and border police work tirelessly to protect the Jewish state from terrorism and military threats, supporters of the Jewish State around the world are also a...

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