Is the State Department Buying Arab Propaganda?

by Nonie Darwish

It is dangerous for the West to accept Arab anti-Semitic propaganda voiced by some Christian leaders in the Middle East; they are held hostage by the Muslim majority around them. Since the age of the internet, even many Arabs have stopped buying Arab propaganda.

A recent mark was retired...

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How Does Israel Treat Palestinians?

by Susan Michael, ICEJ US Director

Ride around Israel with an Arab taxi driver, and he will readily tell you he prefers to live under an Israeli government. Various polls indicate that 60 to 78 percent of Arabs in East Jerusalem share the same opinion. How can it be that most Arab residents of Jerusalem would choose to live under...

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Palestinians: The Metal Detector Scam

by Khadija Khan
  Metal detectors and are commonplace at most prominent mosques in the Middle East, and more than 5,000 surveillance cameras (and 100,000 security guards) monitor pilgrims to Mecca in Saudi Arabia during the annual Hajj.
    While the Palestinian terrorist was being treated for his wounds in...

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The Ongoing Drama of Palestinian Lies

by Bassam Tawil
    The current policy of the PA leadership is to avoid alienating the Trump administration by continuing to pretend that Abbas and his cronies are serious about achieving peace with Israel. This is why Abbas's representatives are careful not to criticize Trump or his envoys.
      When Israel...

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Why Won't Abbas Accept "Two States for Two Peoples"?

by Alan M. Dershowitz
   Over the years, and to the current day, they continue to want no state for the Jewish people more than they want a state for Palestinian Arabs.     The general idea of a two-state solution – which Abbas has nominally supported – does not specify that one state would be for the Jewish people and...

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Palestinians: Crocodile Tears and Terrorism

by Bassam Tawil

This apparent repudiation of terrorism is a startling development for Abbas. The only catch is that when it comes to Israel, Abbas takes quite the opposite line.

For the past two years, Palestinians have been waging a new type of "intifada" against Israel -- one that consists of knife...

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This is the year to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

by Susan Michael


Many conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election due to his commitments on several issues—one being to support Israel and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Here are several compelling reasons why this is the time to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem...

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Nuke Dictators: What If Syria and Iraq Had Nuclear Weapons?

by Arlene Bridges Samuels, ACLI Leadership Outreach Director

Iraq and Syria could have been nuclear powers today if it were not for one nation: Israel.

With Syria and the Islamic State running killing...

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Did the Jews Steal the Palestinians’ Land?

by Susan Michael

Road signs Israel

A common accusation against Israel is that the state is...

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Red Cross Official: Israel is not an apartheid state

by Sever Plocker

Jacques De Maio, who heads the International Committee of the Red Cross delegation to Israel and the PA, asserts: 'There is no IDF order to shoot suspects to kill, as political officials tried to convince us'; he also rejects claims of apartheid: 'There isn't a regime here that is based on the...

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