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What is the Jewish people's connection
to the Land of Israel?

The Jewish people’s connection to the Land of Israel goes back 3,000 years. It is unbroken and unbreakable.
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Is Christian Zionism biblical?

Christian Zionism is rooted in the Abrahamic Covenant which is described in the book of Genesis and confirmed throughout the Bible, including the New Testament.
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what is the significance
of the abrahamic covenant?

The Abrahamic Covenant has greatly influenced the course of human history and is the biblical basis for Christian support of Israel.
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Why should Jerusalem remain under Israeli control?

Jerusalem has thrived as a prosperous and free city since Israel reunited it in 1967. This has guaranteed all faiths unimpeded access to their Holy Sites - and fundamental political rights for all of the city's residents.
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Tell the President and Congress:
"Not One Bomb for Iran"

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